Giuseppe Barocchi

Italy, 1971

Giuseppe Barocchi was born in Florence. He was fascinated by drawing since early childhood: Barocchi recalls feeling a desire to prolong his drawings beyond the borders of paper sheets onto the floor and walls, as if to defy the limits of each story he narrated. In 2008 he joined La Tinaia creative expression center at the psychiatric hospital of San Salvi, which helped him further define his artistic project. He continued to primarily practice drawing: he drew the outlines in pen and coloured in pencil, always integrating inscriptions and text. His heavily charged compositions demonstrated intuitive search for harmony and balance. In 2010 his artworks were selected for the Triennial of Self-Taught Art INSITA held in Bratislava and continue to be exhibited in Europe. Barocchi stages the eternal fight between the forces of Good and Evil. In his work, the Evil is represented by endless religious and military dictatorships that are always defeated by the Liberation armies.