Jürgen Tauscher

Austria, 1974

Jürgen Tauscher was born in Vienna on June 29, 1974. Suffering from microcephaly he attended a special-education school, but remained illiterate. As a young child, he spent many years in homes, but when he was 11 he returned back to his grandparents, who had already cared for him during some earlier periods. Because of his maniac states, he entered the St. Martin group home in Klosterneuburg in 1999; on April 16, 2012, he moved to the House of Artists, after his caretaker at the St. Martin’s home had noted his drawing talent and brought him to the studio in Gugging. Jürgen Tauscher’s entire enthusiasm is devoted to every kind of flying object, whether in the air or in outer space: helicopters and airplanes, but also satellites or space stations as well as futuristic flying objects – all of them are constantly floating around in the artist’s head. These objects also represent the central themes of his many works. Only rarely does Tauscher add color to his drawings, which he usually carries out exclusively with pencils, occasionally with drawing pencils in varying degrees of hardness. The artist draws almost every day and thus there is already a large number of works by him in spite of the relatively short time he has been living in Gugging.

Source: museum gugging

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