France, 1951

Born in Hargicourt, France, Alfred Marié passed his school certificate to become a house painter. In 1968 he entered the École Régionale Supérieure d’Expression Plastique in Tourcoing. After five years, he abandoned his studies, destroyed his work and attempted suicide. In 1974 he met Corinne, who became his companion and also a vital support for his creation, as is reflected in his artist name: A.C.M. stands for Alfred Corinne Marié. He began to explore his identity through art, collecting and archiving hundreds of objects (old typewriters, clocks, scraps from transistors or electronic parts, electrical threads etc) which he carefully cleaned, sanded, and coated. Using wood, metal, plaster and found objects, which he manipulates by burning them with acid, allowing them to rust, deforming and painting them, he constructs intricately worked assemblages.

Source: Based on Outsider Art Now