I like to draw buildings that I could imagine living in. They are safe, warm spaces with fences around them. I start with a vision in my mind and it blossoms from there, and then I try it out on paper to see what it looks like.

Albert’s pencil and pen drawings depict visions of imaginary buildings, homes, fences and structures. With a clear methodology for constructing his works, he begins with a few lines and lets the building or structure develop from there. Albert’s tools consist of a set of pencils, set squares, protractors, rulers, etc. His practice is focused and productive with hundreds of drawings that are for him, in differing states of completion. Albert exhibits with the Bethlem Gallery, Bethlem Royal Hospital and his work takes part in public collections including Pallant House Gallery, the Bethlem Museum, ABCD Collection and the Museum of Everything.

Source: Based on Outside In