Dado (Miodrag Djuric)

Montenegro, 1933 - France, 2010

Miodrag Djuric was born in the historic town of Cetinje. His childhood was affected by the Italian and German occupations of Yugoslavia and the early death of his mother. He was mostly raised by his uncle and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Miodrag moved to Paris in 1956 and got acquainted with the painter Jean Dubuffet and the famous gallerist Daniel Cordier, who launched his artistic career. In 1962 he traveled to New York where he met Hessie, a Cuban artist whom he married. The couple settled in Hérouval, Northern France, and had 5 children. Their atelier hosted numerous friends, including the Surrealist artist Hans Ballmer and the writer Unica Zürn. Although Dado’s pictorial universe was easily recognisable, he has explored a wide variety of techniques and media, such as oil and acrylic painting, printmaking, drawing, illustration, sculpture, set design and digital work. His work is a reflection on human violence and draws on biblical, historic and personal accounts. His paintings are part of the Beaubourg and FNAC Collections in France and of S. Guggenheim and Art Institute of Chicago Collections in the United States of America.

Source: Centro de Arte Oliva