Damián Valdés Dilla

Cuba, 1967

Since a child Damián was interested in drawing. He used to draw comics in his school’s notebooks. When he was in his forties and observing wooden pieces, he had the idea to assemble his first building model. He started making up structures that resembled factories and machines that later on, he intuitively put together to create models of future cities. Since then, Damián has been devoted exclusively and in an obsessive way to represent the cities that are built inside his mind. In times when wood was scarce, he began to build cities assembling all kinds of wasted objects which he gathered from the streets. In addition, he created all types of vehicles like cars, buses, airplanes, spaceships, motorcycles, helicopters, ships, etc. Later, when the waste objects began to run out he decided to put all his imagination on the paper and he began to produce drawings and notebooks filled with images of his own cities. His drawings show us eclectic cities. On occasions, shows us an atmosphere of calm and peace; but in other cases violence fills out all the paper with explicit popular riots and armed conflicts.

Source: Based on Riera Studio