Daniel Green

United States of America, 1985

Daniel Green was born in 1985 and is one of the youngest artists in the Creativity Explored studio. He began working in the studio on a full-time basis in January 2008. Green’s artwork conveys an intense and playful fascination with American entertainment and popular culture. Typically working on wood, he draws in ink, figures from television, politics, sports, or history, and then carefully lists dates, titles of shows and songs, cities, and names. The extensive listings crowd the surface in sculptural columns and are seemingly unrelated to his delicately rendered drawings. Within the dense repetition of his lists sometimes lurks a brief, but direct, personal statement, “Smile,” “Now Eric,” “Shut Up Gilles,” “No More Treasure Island Movin’ Back,” which comments on his immediate environment and concerns. These short bursts of the personal reinforce the mysterious poetics at work in his recombination of visual and textual material, and show that inside this impressive visual display of his memory, the present moment is registered, but must be actively sought out amid the tangle of other stimuli. . When Green’s pieces are complete, the tactile wooden surface, the ephemeral references of his writing, and the spare, elegant line of his drawing coalesce into basic expressions of living in 21st Century America.

Source: Based on Artbrut Akademie Austria

© Courtesy of Galerie Hamer