Didier Amblard

France, 1965

Didier was born in 1965 in Nancy. When he was one year old, he moved with his mother to the Auvergne region. As an apprentice, he worked at a metal factory and then went into building. At the age of 16, his everlasting passion for drawing was discovered. He peddled prints on the Riviera until he fell ill and had to be hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. He was set to work in a public institution for handicapped people, where he began to write poems and prose filled with words of his own invention. He continued to draw in his sketchbook and to paint, distributing his works in the institutions that took him in, but no one showed any interest in them. In 2012, Amblard went into the art therapy center of his hospital. A new hospital was replacing the old one and Amblard was outraged by the destruction of the old chapel.  Feverishly, from one ballpoint pen to another, he sought to escape from his disequilibrium, made preparatory sketches of staircases and windows. Amblard’s universe, comprised of the unchanging repetition of ellipses, finishes in a continuum of helicoid representations where the organic and inorganic come together. One of its properties is transparency, the other, ephemerality. Didier Amblard participates in the exhibitions of the art therapy center as an artist and poet.

Source: Based on christian berst art brut