Donovan Durham

United States of America, 1961-2016

Donovan Durham was a self-taught artist who drew and painted since he was young. His paintings reflect a deeply spiritual nature and often depict landscapes imbued with spiritual symbolism. Donovan’s drawings focus on a cartoon style, sometimes resulting in a complete comic series. He developed characters and storylines for cartoons based loosely on events in his own life; some characters are living people, historical figures such as well-known musicians, and some are his own creation based on his “movie stories”. After he joined the Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Donovan received the acclaim he deserved and has participated in numerous exhibitions, among which are a solo Fantastic Print Show and a group show Unsigned, Unsung, Whereabouts Unknown of Donovan’s earlier works. Donovan’s drawings are part of many prominent collections, including that of Gene Epstein, the former director of American Primitives Gallery.

Source: Soo Visual Arts Center