Gaston Mouly

France, 1922 - 1997

Gaston Mouly was born in 1922. At the age of twenty-three he began working as a bricklayer. He headed the family business until his retirement in 1988. Through his work he met Roger and Ossip Zadkine Bissière, who awakened in him the repressed desire to become an artist. In 1983, after surgery, he began drawing and molding cement to make sometimes-monumental sculptures and bas-reliefs. His first exhibition was held in 1983 in Paris. In 1989 he started to make large format, coloured pencil drawings depicting scenes of everyday rural life. In Catus, where he lived, Mouly arranged two workshops (one for winter and one for summer), where he kept more than four hundred pieces.

Fonte: Centro de Arte Oliva

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