Hans-Jörg Georgi

Germany, 1949

Born in Frankfurt in 1949, Hans-Jörg Georgi grew up in one shelter after another. A badly treated poliomyelitis drastically deprived him of the use of his legs. Before joining the Atelier Goldstein (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) in 2001, his works were not preserved, destroyed as he created them. It was Christiane Cuticchio, founder of the Atelier Goldstein, who gave Georgi, at 50 years old, the opportunity to develop his work – from then on preserved, archived and exhibited -, integrating at the same time the society in its own right as an artist. Modest, he laughs when the word is used to describe him.

Inspired by well-known models of planes and helicopters (Boeing, Hawk, etc.), Georgi also distinguishes himself by inventing and manufacturing futuristic aircraft that he calls the “six-story”. Running on solar energy rather than gasoline, they are part of his project of osmosis between man and machine. Taking part in a utopian world, these “six floors” are inhabited by characters imagined and drawn by the artist, and are equipped with dormitories, a hospital, a bowling alley and a discotheque. They are intended to ensure the space travel of humanity in search of its survival far from the Earth. This modern Noah’s Ark was exhibited for the first time in France in 2014, at the Maison Rouge.

Source: Christian Berst Art Brut Gallery

© Courtesy of Christian Berst Art Brut Gallery