Jim Delarge

France, 1965

A graduate in film theory (Film Aesthetics and Narratology) at Paris III, Jim Delarge is a pure self-taught artist in the field of visual arts where he has excelled since 1993. Always passionate about biology, teratology, poetry, reception psychology and many other things, Jim Delarge has, since 1994, developed a particular mixed technique on an unusual medium. It uses large, medium or small format melamine wood panels, on which are mixed lakes of resin, pigments, oil, spray, pastel. The images are constructed with the aid of a rag. Once the work is dry, Delarge scratches the surface of the canvas by using a spatula and tears off strips of paint which he re-glues in order to reform the images. He then coats the canvas with hyper-shiny floor varnish. His work addresses erotic themes, fantasy animals, cells and microbes seen under the microscope in a slippery, watery, gelatinous environment, in half-abstract, hyper-realistic and “graffiti-type” style.

Source: Aquilaluna