Joel Lorand

France, 1962

Lorand was born in Paris and since childhood manifested interest in drawing. Unable to pursue studies at an Art Academy, he became a pâtissier in 1978 and worked as such until 1997. It was shortly before the birth of his son that Lorand took to drawing again. Creating became means of recovery from daily work and anxiety. Discussing his work with an art professional and its severe negative critique led to a period of depression, during which Lorand destroyed most of his early work. However, he pursued his passion and started creating dense sceneries full of monstrous creatures that blend into each other. His art is easily recognizable for its symmetry. While his drawings seem to be inspired by the study of ancient cultures and mythology, Lorand claims that he works intuitively, “works in”. He admits to feeling a particular attachment to our planet and nature and wishing to bring an ecological dimension to his practice.