Kostia Botkine

France, 1987

Brought up in a culturally open and stimulating environment, Kostia has been fascinated from a young age by the circus, the theatre and music. As a teenager, he met musician Antoine Boulangé, who immediately recognized his talent and encouraged him to rap. In 2009, while living in the south of France, he attended “Atelier S”, where he took part in several musical creation residences with the band “The Choolers”. In 2015, Kostia moves to Vielsalm permanently in order to participate in workshops full-time. The band doesn’t cease to create and performs all over Europe. In the visual arts workshops, Kostia developed a very graphic and personal work, revolving around the architecture of circus rings. His drawings are obsessive, drawn with a ruler, with very refined shapes and colours.

Source: Based on christian berst art brut