Marco Berlanda

Italy, 1932

Marco Berlanda was born in Trent in 1932. Family problems and Italy’s participation in World War II prevented him from continuing his studies and enrolling in art school, as he had hoped. Nevertheless, since his youth, he was passionate about painting, a calling that was blocked by his mother who was openly against his artistic penchant. For years, working in an electric company, marriage, and the birth of 3 children kept Berlanda from his calling, something he experienced as a veritable mutilation. He thus took tens of thousands of photos of everything that roused his insatiable curiosity. It was not until 1975, the year that his mother died, that he could finally begin to make his dream of dedicating himself to painting come true, and with the passion of someone who has to make up for lost time. He first transferred his shots and used them as an inspiration to draw and paint a sort of anthology of the gaze.

Source: Centro de Arte Oliva

© Courtesy christian berst art brut