Maurice Rapin

France, 1927 - 2000

Maurice Rapin was a poet, theorist and painter. Born in 1927 has always felt a strong vocation as a painter, but to support himself, he studied mathematics and biology. A passionate admirer of Magritte with whom he maintained a longterm correspondence, he was also close to André Breton. In 1952 he had his first exhibition at A l’Etoile scellée a gallery owned by André Breton. He joined André Breton’s group and thereby received recognition that allowed him to begin a career as a painter. In Breton’s group, he meets Mirabelle Dors with whom he married in 1954. With Mirabelle Dors, Jacqueline and Jean-Pierre Duprey, Clovis Trouille and Magritte, he created the “Tendance Populaire Surréalistes” which was to lead, through publications and exhibitions, political combat and artistic activity. There followed a long correspondence with Magritte for at least two years. In 1978, with Mirabelle Dors and Yak Rivais, he created the association the Salon Figuration Critique.

Source: Milo Dias