Mónica Machado

Portugal, 1966

Born in Lisbon, in 1966, Mónica Machado has lived and worked in Paris since 1981, where she graduated in Fine Arts at École Nationale des Beux Arts, in 1992.

The surreal and imaginative character of Monica Machado’s artwork provides an inexhaustible endless-source of forms and images of genuinely personal, but with a formal aspect inspired by the ceramist process and popular -imagery-culture. Her pieces seem to float over their supports, the figures explode in a colorful union. The varnished ceramic is created, not only as a decorative element, also as a flexible material which supports everything. The harmony of her expressive and refined figures, the shapes and colors increase the interest of the eyewitness, with her impressive technique in the art of creating ceramics. The works of Monica Machado require a careful sight of every little detail, and they also demand to go around them because nothing is in the right order; the theme has been transformed, transfigured and expanded by numerous elements that coexist.

Source: Michel Soskine Inc.