Ognjen Jeremic

Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1953 – 2005

Ognjen Jeremic was born in 1953 in Zenica (Bosnia- Herzegovina). He undertook studies in tourism, but abandoned them, in 1983, when he signed on as a merchant seaman for long-haul trade. Jeremic had always liked to draw. During his long ocean-going voyages he was able to indulge in his passion, which resulted in his first exhibition, in Belgrade in 1988. He then decided to devote his life to art. In 1991 he left his country, then mired in civil war, and sought refuge in the Netherlands, where he would live until his death in 2005. His work, which is included in the permanent collection of the Museum Charlotte Zander in Bönnigheim, Germany, expresses his strong interest in nature and non-Western, prehistoric cultures. His visual language is composed of mysterious signs and stylized elements.