Pascal Tassini

Belgium, 1955

Born in a family of three children, Pascal Tassini lived with his parents until they died, when one of his brothers took responsibility for him and sent him to the Créahm workshops in Liège in 1986. He initially contented himself with neatening the studio, then began drawing and painting. At the same time, he began stealing chairs and other material which he used to build a hut within the studio. Its structure changed constantly with the objects he was given as gifts and those he hunted around for. They were bound by a tangle of fabrics (his studio companions’ work clothes) all tied together. Teresa Maranzano compares this private space to Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau. For the past ten years, Tassini has worked only with textiles, switching between the clothes he makes, like brides’ dresses and headdresses, the decoration of his hut, and wrapping for objects such as those Judith Scott made. He intertwines scraps of material to make a webbing with numerous outgrowths, and writes letters consisting of the same letter of the alphabet repeated over and over. He signs off with two interlinked rings. His works are also displayed at the collection de l’Art brut, Lausanne (Switzerland) and the madmusée, Liège (Belgium).

Source: christian berst art brut


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