Ray Vickers

United States of America, 1987

Ray Vickers was born in Oakland, California in 1987. Little is known about his life before he joined the Creative Growth Art Center in 2009. Ray loves pop culture, especially comics and action films, of which he is said to never miss one. Each of his drawings features a character and often follows a story line, infused with dark humor. One of his favorite comics’ characters is Captain America. Himself, Ray Vickers popularized a “dead bunny” character that is almost always present in his works: these dead bunnies vary from simple sketches, to comics with sarcastic and entertaining commentaries, to complex, almost abstract works. Ray is always attentive to the world around him. He brightens his every day experiences with energy and optimism drawn from fiction and translates them into his art. Ray Vickers is represented by Creative Growth Art Center and by Fraenkel Gallery of Contemporary Art. His works were shown at NADA Art Fair, Miami, D’Dessin Contemporary Drawing Fair, Paris, and Creative Growth Pop-up Shop, New York.

Source: Centro de Arte Oliva