Sebastian Ferreira

Paraguay, 1981

Ramiro Sebastian Ferreira Martinez de la Pera was born in Asuncion, Paraguay, in 1981. At the age of fifteen he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. From a very young age he dreamed of becoming an architect, drawing numerous urban landscapes. He is fascinated by roads, buildings, traffic lights and buses, all of which he draws with great ease and skill. He works on white paper, pencilling in the sheets completely, in a demonstration of horror vacui. Ferreira’s favourite subjects then became cosmopolitan cities, which he reinvents by introducing pictures from postcards, magazines and the Internet. Sebastian Ferreira works on his drawings in his bedroom and shows them only when they are completed. He has a collection of some 400 works that he stores, classified by number and date of creation.

Source: Based on christian berst art brut