Vladimir Rassohin

Russia, 1951

Vladimir Nikolaevich Rassohin was born in the Zhuravli (“Cranes”) village near Perm. He spent a considerable amount of time in the Karny Yar sanatorium. He studied ceramics at the Perm College before probably moving to Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan. Vladimir spent his obligatory military service in Kaluga and in 1981 moved to Moldova. About five years ago he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and admitted to the Tiraspol Psychiatric Hospital where he resides to this day. Vladimir started drawing on discarded pieces of paper that he would hide in his room. He then started gifting his works to fellow patients and visitors. One of the nurses noticed these highly stylized ballpoint pen drawings and started collecting them, asking Vladimir to sign and date them, thus recognizing them as works of art. His drawings are mystical interpretations of Slavic fairy-tales and Christian iconography. The Sun is a recurrent element of his work and most often appears on either of the top corners.