23 July 2021 – 5 March 2023
Curator António Saint Silvestre and Richard Treger
Centro de Arte Oliva

The exhibition EUREKA! displays works by around fifty unorthodox authors, mainly self-taught artists, coming from the so-called realms of art brut or outsider art, many of them inhabiting an indeterminate place between science and artistic creation, but also between technology and metaphysics. The show presents an overview of projects and investigations, codes, formulas and theories that convey alternative models of interpretation of reality and that transmit idiosyncratic visions and solutions to the world. Simultaneously, plans and projects of inventions, machines and various vehicles are exhibited, with a vast gallery of planes, cars, trains and UFOs.

EUREKA! takes its title from the interjection created by the ancient Greek mathematician, physicist and astronomer Archimedes of Syracuse, and has been used for many centuries to express the happiness and euphoria of scientific discoveries and knowledge, celebrating the ability to identify suddenly , concepts previously incomprehensible.



Adelhyd van Bender. Alexandre Medvedev. Alexandru Chira. André Robillard. Aníbal Brizuela. Artur Moreira. Charles Dellschau. Damián Valdés Dilla. Daniel Green. David Houis. Erró (Guðmundur Guðmundsson). Eudes Menichetti. Evaristo Rodrigues. Francis Marshall. François Burland. François Monchâtre. Gaël Dufrene. George Widener. Gérard Cambon. Gianni Antonelli. Giovanni Battista Podestà. Giovanni Galli. Giuseppe Barocchi. Guy Brunet. Henry Speller. Ionel Talpazan. Jacques Deal. James Chedburn. Jean Perdrizet. Jerry Gretzinger. Jesuys Crystiano. Johann Hauser. Johannes Stek. John Urho Kemp. José Johann Seinen. Julien Perrier. Jürgen Tauscher. Karl Hans Janke. Leos Wertheimer. Marco Raugei. Mattia Fiodispino. Melvin Way. Mónica Machado. Óscar Morales. Pepe Gaitán. Pépé Vignes. Roland Roure. Tom Duncan. Vitalis Čepkauskas. Warren Van Ess. Wesley Willis. Zdeněk Košek.